Greg Smith

Email: | Cell: 705-303-8993

Health, Wealth and Growth Coach

As a new Associate with M. Thorpe & Associates Inc. I bring a passion, knowledge and a how-to energy to Health and Wealth that stands out beyond the rest!!

What would it mean to you if you could transform…your finances, relationships, spirituality and health to a place it’s you never ever imagined?

Like you, I have been kicked down, battered and beaten. We all have, just in different ways. Born and raised a child with unconditional love, I allowed myself to let other people’s opinions and judgments shape me when all I really want to do was allow my inner child to play. There’s a constant battle between the gut and the mind. The powerhouse brain may seem to have full control, but does it really?

As a growth coach, I focus on changing interpretations and perspectives and asking better questions in order to get better answers. So, I asked myself…doesn’t it only seem fair to be able to live life to the fullest? What if I listened to what my insecurities were actually saying? How can I show up tomorrow as the best version of myself?

The reality is we always know the answer; the challenge is listening and then allowing the vulnerability to shine through.  My perspective was always “I am not good enough” and although I never said it aloud it was subconsciously replayed in my mind over and over. The more I repeated it, the tighter the knot became.

I decided that transformation is the only way forward and leading that transformation was my identity and the behaviours I attached. I realized that the small bubble of safety I created was keeping me stuck.

I am committed to GIVING YOU THE BEST ME!!!  LET’S DO IT!!!

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