There’s no significance without insignificance

If you want to experience significant in your life, you have to explore your insecurities; you have to go inward, deeply inward. One of the most terrifying things in life is exploring the depths of our beings. Why? Because we’ve all been conditioned to believe that we are not worthy, we are not good enough, we are too fat, too thin, too tall, too ugly, too dumb, and too smart and the list goes on. Then we wake up one day and think “How did I become like this; why am I so angry, so sad, so judgemental, so this and so that”.

We are conditioned at a young age of the stories of what we are expected to be, not for ourselves but for others. As we age, we simply live out these conditions as beliefs that are 100% accurate and most of the time, we don’t even question them? Then one day someone says something to you and it all connects. You become furious out of nowhere because deep down inside they’ve unknowingly triggered a piece of your insignificance. Our challenge now is to run with that and embrace it. Expose it, share it and spread the news so that the shame you’ve held can no longer survive.

To feel significant requires courage to explore the depths of what has conditioned you to be who you are today. I like to think we are here, exactly as we are for a reason, to learn and grow from a place of potential, a place of limitlessness.

We are born with significance, but we lose touch with this given power at the hands of others criticisms, not realizing the criticism we face is actually our own internal criticism. As a result of conditioning, you no longer need to be told you are not smart enough, you just simply fail at your first attempt and voila the belief is back, but it only holds power when you allow the critic to win.

Examine your life’s insecurities and turn it around by asking when in my life have, I been a success? The questions you ask yourself to determine the answers you get. Ask a poor question, get a poor answer.

By Greg Smith