Minimum Stress Executive Coaching Program

7-Weeks to Mental & Emotional Mastery


Are You Ready to: 

  • Take your life to a whole new level?
  • Rewire and recondition your conscious mind by getting your unconscious mind working for you?
  • Get rid of emotional baggage once and for all?
  • Bring out the absolute best version of yourself and of those you are leading, whether in your personal or professional life?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then get real results, real fast with this 7-week start-to-finish system that includes powerful coaching and an  intensive personal development program, combined with huge amounts of support so you get everything you need to achieve mental and emotional mastery. Our approach is powerful with quick results because we work with you personally to permanently resolve and clear out the emotional baggage that is weighing you down. We will challenge you to reflect on your own unproductive thoughts, perceptions and behaviours and to honestly look at where they come from. You will be guided to examine how you are showing up (or not showing up) in all areas of your life based on your past experiences and you will be given specific tools and exercises to overcome any and all challenges you may have faced . This coaching program includes: 

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching calls
  • Teaching videos
  • Course readings
  • Worksheets
  • Weekly group coaching webinars
  • Daily practice exercises
  • Personal mastery project
  • Follow-up sessions for up to 1 year

This coaching program will teach you how to make key shifts in your mental and emotional state so you can maintain your motivation and make lasting changes in your life. It is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and it works. So if you’re ready for an intensive program that delivers real results, call us now and let’s book a time to talk. Simply call or text Matt at 1-519-809-8578 to book your free coaching call.

More about  the Minimum Stress Executive Coaching Program: 

If you are looking for a MASSIVE transformation in your life, then this coaching program may be for you. I say “may” because we are looking for people who are fully committed to investing in themselves. If you want to skip years of counselling (or have already tried that) , then we will quickly peel back the layers of what you think is your problem and show you what’s underneath at its core because this is what’s standing between you and a life of fulfilment and confidence. This coaching program will shift your mind so far from what you currently believe to be reality that you won’t even understand how you could have once believed any of your negative, limiting and self-destructive stories to be true. In this coaching program, we will show you what you need to get complete with and help you cut through your own “stories” so you can create purpose and meaning in your life. This coaching program will help you:

  • Live without the overwhelming presence of stress in your life
  • Break free from old mental, emotional and behavioural patterns
  • Permanently dissolve core challenges
  • Heal relationships, including your relationship with yourself
  • Communicate authentically and get your deeper needs met

You will also learn to raise your level of consciousness and get effective tools to manage your own speaking and listening skills so you can stay out of your “already listening” based on your past conditioning and experiences. Once you understand where your challenges are stemming from, why you do what you do, how to shift your subconscious mind and get the motivation to  stay committed to your goals while removing the obstacles you’ve been putting in your own way,  your results will skyrocket!

Schedule Your Free Coaching Call TODAY!

To schedule your free coaching call, please call or text Matt at 519-708-8578. In most cases, your session will be scheduled the same week of your call. After your free coaching call, you can decide whether you want to invest in yourself and start transforming your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Your Free Coaching Call… What to Expect

In your free coaching call, we will very quickly zone in on your core challenges and provide you with insight on how to resolve them once and for all. You will be asked some tough questions and get to your truth immediately.  We will know very quickly by the responses to our questions whether this coaching program will benefit you or not, and we will be totally honest with you. If it’s a good fit, great! If not, you’ll get amazing insights on how to get the mental and emotional shift you’re looking for. This phone call is absolutely free.

This transformational 7-week coaching program uses life changing techniques to shift the momentum of your life. It can all be done from the privacy of your own home and it is more time and cost effective than the years of counselling that would be required to get you anywhere near the results you will get with this comprehensive and intense coaching program.  This program is for those who want to cut to the chase and save themselves time, money and suffering.

How Does it Work?

Within 24 hours of signing up for this coaching program, you will receive your first email with instructions on how to join the next webinar as well as links to the course readings, videos, worksheets, etc . You will also receive a daily  practice exercise. Everything you receive as part of this coaching program is yours to keep and you’ll be able to refer back to it whenever you want. You will also have access to personal coaching calls, as well as access to a live Q&A webinar.


Call for your free coaching call today and we will give you our lowest price ever on this 7-week transformational coaching program. If you’re looking for mental and emotional freedom, then take action by calling Matt at 1-519-708-8578. There is no risk involved and at a minimum, this free call will shift your mental and emotional state in ways that will open you to a whole new world of possibilities.


Payment is accepted at the end of your first coaching call if you decide that this program is right for you. Payment can be made by Cheque, Credit Card, PayPal or E-transer

This is an experience that will enlighten your world!