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We think of agitation as being an annoyance in our day-to-day life. When circumstances come up that aggravate us or things are spinning in our head all day long like the spin cycle on a washing machine, we get annoyed. But when you stop to really think about the process of cleaning anything, there must be an action of some type of agitation that lifts or pushes the dirt off.

In my approach as a facilitator, I get people spinning outside of their normal thought processes, and I purposely agitate them so that they can emerge lighter, clearer and begin their transformation from the inside out.

For example, one native woman slouched in her chair during a group circle discussion. When I asked her why she wasn’t sitting up straight, she told me that she was ‘carrying the weight of all her people’. “Are you kidding me?” I agitated her through the conversation. “You’re choosing to carry all the weight of your people?? And if so, please don’t carry mine, I can carry my own.” Perturbed, she walked out of the session. Later that evening she returned. “You made me realize that I don’t need to carry the weight of all my people”, she admitted. That was a pivotal moment for her. She’d been in a spin for years thinking this way, and what was needed was some agitation to snap her out of it.

Agitation did the cleansing. Don’t be annoyed or afraid of it. The longer the agitation cycle, the more cleaning that get’s done.

Make Personal Excellence Your Main Goal

Make Personal Excellence Your Main Goal

Matt Thorpe is one of those people who demands 110 percent from himself on a regular basis and thrives on it. He’s constantly thinking two or three steps ahead; yet engage him in conversation, and he can make you feel that there is nobody more important to him than the person he’s talking to right now. Thorpe calls his ability to focus intently on just what is being said to him or what is happening at the moment “being in my world”.

He says he is committed to building personal excellence every day. He says he wants to help as many people as possible to overcome their barriers to personal and professional excellence too. “Life is what you create,” Thorpe said. He’s a motivational speaker who delivers workshops and training in leadership, team building, consensus building, workplace morale and cross-cultural awareness, and he’ll help organizations find funding. He also facilitates dispute mediation. When the training’s done, he follows up with people to see how they’re getting along, if they want that.




Spirituality & Entrepreneurship

Spirituality & Entrepreneurship

As a First Nations business executive with extensive experience serving clients from both aboriginal and mainstream organizations, I am personally committed to utilizing the profound spiritual wealth that characterizes indigenous cultures to promote new strategies for economic and social advancement. I am convinced that only by recognizing the unique worth of our various traditional values can aboriginal individuals and communities gain the confidence and motivation that lead to personal well-being and, consequently, to financial health. A respectful understanding of this heritage is also necessary for any non-indigenous organization anxious to serve the increasingly prosperous indigenous market or establish rewarding joint ventures.

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