Stress Management

Stress: Is it happening to you?

Millions of people are in a place of self-awareness and self-discovery, but continue to feel stressed and dissatisfied. According to the American Psychological Association, 22% of people report extreme stress and forty percent report lying awake at night due to chronic stress. Balancing a busy personal and work life can be challenging but the most debilitating source of stress comes from mismanaged relationships. Toxic relationships have far reaching negative effects on individuals, organizations, clients, as well as on the bottom-line.  Learning to resolve these conflicts from the inside out will allow you to reclaim your energy and enjoy your life.

Left unchecked stress can result in a variety of problems:
– Lost time
– Workplace conflict
– Low morale
– Poor productivity
– Performance issues

This workshop is not your typical stress management workshop. You will not learn redundant concepts such as job analysis, time management, delegation, or activity logs. This workshop is about teaching participants to raise their level of consciousness; enhance speaking and listening skills; and manage unavoidable stress by developing ways to interpret stressors differently. Participants will learn how to uncover the beliefs that are creating personal and professional obstacles, keeping them stuck in a perpetual loop of self-induced stress.

This workshop provides opportunity for group discussion, personal reflection and an advanced level of support in helping participants create healthy, productive and stress free relationships.



“Several of us attended the Stress Management workshop. Let me tell you, it is not your typical workshop! At our team meeting every attendee said it was the best workshop they’ve attended – very beneficial to our personal and work life. We’ve asked our Managers to have a refresher in six months!” – Carole V (ODSP)

“This workshop was an amazing experience for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing stressors in life. Each facilitator brought forward unique insights and wisdom that enabled participants to view stress from a different perspective. Many thanks for delivering such an innovative workshop!” – Joanne C (DNSSAB)

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