Rising above the unknown

Rising above the unknown

Experience the power of the circle!

If you are someone who:

  • Works in the human development business
  • Aspires to be a transformational leader and change agent
  • Is committed to your own well-being and success

This workshop is for YOU!

Participants will learn to:

  • Create authentic and meaningful conversations that will take you to a place you have never been before
  • Uncover the challenges that are in the world of each and everyone’s “Story” and stopping us from living fully
  • Develop a new language that will assist in creating a new culture for communities and organizations.

We have come to understand that there are challenges that each of us face on a daily basis that we are not talking about and from which we just tend to react.



“The session is unconventional, unorthodox. Be ready for a work-out!”

“What a wonderful two days it was! I feel we accomplished so much and we will undoubtedly continue to be positively effected by the journey that we took.”

“I learned more about myself in the last two days than in the last four years of counselling.”

” Many thanks for creating a safe place to be real. It was an absolute pleasure to share the ride with you (once I got over the fear of going there:)”

“The unit is humming along and we are really quite happier and more fulsome thanks to your work with us.”

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