Deepening the practice of facilitation and mediation

Deepening the practice

As conflict resolution practitioners, facilitators and counsellors we have a responsibility to master ourselves so in return we can inspire and work with our clients in a meaningful way. How many of us are working from a true powerful place to assist clients? Are we just helping them swim to the surface or are we diving with them into a world of unforeseen possibilities? If it is true that we don’t know what we don’t know and that we can only give what we have, then let’s seize this opportunity to come together to experience deeper water and collectively transform our practice.

Participants will:

  • Join the circle and experience first hand the power of self-reflection combined with authentic conversation and collective action
  • Learn about a unique yet simple approach to making sense of complex human dynamics
  • Employ advanced conflict management skills

Pre-requisite: A desire to be REAL and to work from a place of authenticity and integrity.



“A great opportunity to replenish and serve my clients from a whole new place.”

” Merci d’avoir permis ces belles ouvertures vers notre bien être et notre devenir.”

” Many thanks to all of you for creating a safe place to be real. It was an absolute pleasure to share the ride with you (once i got over the fear of going there:)”

“It was a fantastic workshop and really helped me to connect with some things going on in my life. Thanks for helping me to see that!”

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