Participants are invited to face their reality with honesty and integrity based on an understanding of their ‘stories’. They are guided to explore the feeling of being stuck and the consequences of avoiding the truth. These worships provide an opportunity to effect deep and meaningful changes and successfully resolve any type of conflict: with self, with the relationships that matter, and with our higher power. The facilitators will share their knowledge and teachings about the root of conflicts arising from attachments and unresolved issues to help participants dissolve struggles and break free from old patterns.

These workshops are intended for individuals who are looking for a shift, and who are ready to be empowered by the present and to take responsibility for the quality of their lives. No one can take responsibility for you and there are no shortcuts. YOU are the only one that can shift your life towards peace and resolution. Imagine a life without guilt, fears and resentments. Suffering is optional!

Shifting Lenses Sudbury
Shifting Lenses North Bay

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