Participants are invited to face their reality with honesty and integrity based on an understanding of their ‘stories’. They are guided to explore the feeling of being stuck and the consequences of avoiding the truth. These worships provide an opportunity to effect deep and meaningful changes and successfully resolve any type of conflict: with self, with the relationships that matter, and with our higher power. The facilitators will share their knowledge and teachings about the root of conflicts arising from attachments and unresolved issues to help participants dissolve struggles and break free from old patterns.

These workshops are intended for individuals who are looking for a shift, and who are ready to be empowered by the present and to take responsibility for the quality of their lives. No one can take responsibility for you and there are no shortcuts. YOU are the only one that can shift your life towards peace and resolution. Imagine a life without guilt, fears and resentments. Suffering is optional!

Testimonials from Shifting Minds – Ottawa, Feb 2018

“Thank you both. Words cannot explain my full appreciation!!”

“I will share with my team on how helpful this was and look at bringing you back to meet with all of us.”

“This was the best workshop I’ve attended. I wish it would have lasted longer.”

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  1. Matt, hello. How have you been? Where have you worked this year? My wife Patsy and I met you at the Garden,Mich. retreat 2 years ago. You and I showed each other pictures of our Harley’s. I know you remembered us. We have been busy this year-bike rides, recovery meetings, flew to Cancun,Mexico, took our new camper trailer to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and spent time with our grandkids. Tomorrow I am going to another Native American Recovery meeting with my sponsor Tony Davis who is an elder and spiritual healer of the Odawa Nation in Petosky,Mich. Tony just made 29 years sobriety,and I have 28 years. Also,I ride my bike with Tony and his friends.Matt,the next time you’re in Michigan could you please call me,or email me? We would love to see you. Have a good week, Darrell. 989-348-3073

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