Creating a Powerful Present: Reclaiming Hope

Creating a Powerful Present: Reclaiming Hope

We have come together to open a dialogue that will give us the shared insight we need to address the devastating reality of suicide that has left a trail of shock and grief in communities across Canada. Suicide’s harsh reality robs us of the bright potential of young lives, the energy and ability of men and women in their prime, and the wisdom and experience of elders who might have bequeathed unique knowledge to future generations. Of all the painful issues the members of a community must face, suicide is perhaps the most cruelly baffling and debilitating. In its wake, the various sources of light that guide the community-the insight offered by traditional values, the cherished network of caring, supportive relationships, the courage to believe in transformative growth and the visionary hope in the future-all seem to falter. Yet even in the face of tragedy, this light is never completely extinguished. Rather, it is reflected in our increased determination to uncover and recognize the meanings behind such apparently incomprehensible events, and in the courage to transform our pain into a springboard for constructive action.

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