Matt Thorpe

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Pah-Sto-C-One is my Indian name, meaning Tornado

I am an Aboriginal person who is committed to the principles of equality, compassion and integrity to ensure the success and well being of all people. With over twenty years of experience and training in entrepreneurship, counselling, mediation and coaching, I have the necessary skills and abilities to successfully facilitate transformation with a very dynamic and unique approach to all my client groups. I am a strong front-line leader with a win-win attitude. My rigorous commitment, discipline and reliability, combined with my dynamic and inclusive style of communication, have allowed me to work very successfully with diverse groups, their communities and organizations across Canada and the US.

I am the Founder and Senior Director of M. Thorpe & Associates Inc., a company committed to capacity building, conflict resolution, restoration services and life support. I am acutely aware of the need for cultural sensitivity whenever disputes occur between members of different communities and organizations. In mediations, I place true value on humanness, which allows all participants not only to be heard, but also to gain a deeper awareness of fairness, honesty and interpersonal responsibility.

My work accomplishments include the facilitation of workplace restoration circles and mediation of hundreds of situations towards mutual understanding and successful resolution. I have facilitated multi-party negotiations to the satisfaction of all parties involved: some involving monetary settlements. My work has involved working with victims and offenders, unions and management, human rights complainants, federal and provincial courts, teachers and students, family and Aboriginal community members; each case posing specific, and in some ways, unique challenges.

I am deeply committed to the importance of impartiality; flexibility and confidentiality in helping disputants resolve their differences.

I am frequently invited as a special advisor and keynote speaker at various forum and national conferences. Some of the topics include Positive Lifestyle Choices, Embracing and Celebrating Diversity, Power and Freedom Through Story.

Awards & Recognitions

  • High Standard of Accomplishment and Appreciation, Commissioner of Correctional Services, Ottawa
  • Problem Solver and Team Leader, Ministry of Corrections, British Columbia
  • High Standard of Volunteer Service, Ministry of Corrections, Ontario

Volunteerism Experience

  • Appointed to the Family Law Court and Youth Justice Committee of Vancouver
  • Team Leader and Facilitator of Violent Offender Program in Secondary School (Sherwood Park AB)
  • Coordinator and Facilitator of Cultural Awareness Training (Nationally)
  • Facilitator of Family Violence and Substance Abuse Programs (Nationally)
  • Coordinator of AA meetings at Willingdon Youth Detention Center
  • Elected to sit on the Consultative Committee with the Ministry of Correctional Services, Metro West Detention Center (Ontario Region)
  • Facilitated life skills workshops for male, female and young offenders (Ontario Region)


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